Why professionalism and good practices are an important part of remote product development, what it means for the team to have their own building and how to address challenges as opportunities


Hypoport Sofia is part of the Hypoport Group – a network of technology companies for the credit, real estate and insurance industries. Hypoport Sofia performs the role of a strategic and management holding company with corresponding central functions. The company enjoys flexibility and independence of a mid-size startup with the benefits and opportunities provided by German SDAX corporate

Read below how the freedom and flexibility in the company help in creating high-quality products that customers love. Here you can dive deep into the past of Hypoport Sofia and soon you will learn more about the company’s plans for the future.


Lesson 1: When it comes to product development – always follow your heart


The reason the Hypoport network set foot in Bulgaria is FIO Systems. This German FinTech was founded in Leipzig in 1999 by Nicolas Schulmann. The idea to locate a subsidiary in Bulgaria was born during a ski vacation in Bansko. During this time, in the early 2000s, FIO Systems lacked developers in Germany and was discussing how to expand their capacities. Due to its banking business FIO needed reliable developers who would devote themselves to the company.

So, instead of cooperating with an outsourcing company Nicolas came up with the idea to ask his hotel hosts whether they knew some IT guys he could speak to. Imagine the surprise when he found out that their son was a skilled young developer. The rest is history – as motivating and challenging as you can think of. For Nicolas product development and skiing have a lot in common – you should pay close attention to the environment and how it changes, you should be flexible/agile and adapt to current conditions as they evolve and to be able to adapt and secure your current safety, life and future. Or as Lindsay Vonn said “You are not limited to what you push yourself to. You can always do better.”

Oh, and the developer from Bansko? He is still a part of the team and plays a leading role as senior software architect in FIO’s activities in Sofia.


Lesson 2: Freedom, commitment and flexibility enable success


The goal of Hypoport Sofia (as a part of Hypoport Group) is to develop outstanding software products. With all the freedom of having an agile start-up culture and the strength of a large corporate network, the group creates more financial freedom in the credit, real estate and insurance industries through digital innovations.

Today, we are one of the most successful corporate networks in the FinTech industry and develop leading financial B2B platforms in Germany. We have more than 30 companies with over 2.000 employees”, explains Janis Schäfer, Managing Director at Hypoport Sofia.


Hypoport Sofia helps German Hypoport companies in setting up international software development teams that work remotely both in Germany and in Bulgaria. The main goal is to support them by finding the right talents for their teams on the Bulgarian IT market and to provide everything needed so that both local and international employees enjoy an inspiring working environment. In addition, German companies could focus on their core business while at the same time they could be assured that their best interests are well kept – from an administrative support to the day-to-day running of the business by assisting with clerical and administrative processes.

To receive more information about the teams visit: www.hypoport.bg


Lesson 3: Keep customers happy – employees even happier


High quality products that customers love are only created by happy employees. To achieve this, the Hypoport group relies on 19 years of experiences in remote product development between Sofia and different cities within Germany. “Our biggest goal is to create an environment where everybody can contribute for developing successful products”, said Danny Hanke, Managing Director at Hypoport Sofia. Implementing a team setup for long-term products needs special efforts in the beginning and Hypoport Sofia is well aware of that. According to the team, “speaking the same language” and trusting each other are two cornerstones that are deemed equally important for achieving success at a group level. Every member needs to be well integrated to make a cross-functional remote teamwork. “If I have to describe our journey so far using a movie as metaphor I would choose “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. And here I’d like to emphasize on the “fellowship” and building a community around shared goals. Skills, attitude and commitment are what matters, not origin, experience, size or something else – that’s diversity at its’ best and we are very much not only open to this, but also encouraging it. And then I’d paraphrase from “One ring to rule them all” to better and much more applicable in our case “One team spirit to rule us all, having many teams to work under the Hypoport network umbrella🙂“

” We have the epic team adventure, and everyone has different knowledge, ability and know-how that are shared, and the risks are taken by all friends. They are helping and standing for each other to achieve the common goal even when separated by circumstances, no matter what it takes – it’s one for all and all for one – and this is a vision we all share at Hypoport Sofia. And they are flexible and adaptive to the situation, just as we’re trying to be in our everyday work and life”, Danny shared.

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